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Charity work

Fadi Farhat has worked with several legal charities since October 2008 on an interrupted basis where he volunteers his spare time to the provision of free legal advice and pro-bono work for the benefit of vulnerable members of society.

He has worked for/assisted charities in Hounslow and Ealing. Currently, he is a Trustee at the Richmond Legal Advice Service (RLAS) which provides free legal advice every Tuesday evening.

Fadi is one of 5 Trustees working with one another to ensure the provision of legal advice and access to a key service at a time when the scope of legal aid has been severely diminished (and, in some areas of law, withdrawn altogether).

RLAS has a proud tradition in relation to this key service and has been operating for more than 60 years to ensure that people in West London (and beyond) have access to good, pragmatic legal advice on a variety of issues from contract disputes, family disputes, neighbour disputes to employment disputes and many more in between.

Fadi has been committed to pro-bono work for the best part of a decade and will continue to serve in this capacity where he has noted the beneficial impact that free legal advice can have on individuals not just in relation to their particular dispute/matter but to their overall outlook and confidence.
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